Main Day One


08:30am- 10:45am

Masterclass A: Let the learners decide

How to sit back and let employees give their experiences, looking at what they are missing, what they struggled with, and what areas of the company they wanted to become better acquainted with and how to effectively turn into a program Lessons learnt from a retailer on giving your employees a customer focused experience Looking… Read more.

08:30am- 10:45am

Masterclass B: Harnessing the global revolution in learning

Five key steps to modernize your organization’s learning ecosystem. Design learning at the speed of business in flexible formats — bite sized to full length to conversations. Leverage internal and external partnerships for scale and impact

Sheila Jagannathan
Head of Open Learning Campus - World Bank Group

10:45am- 11:00am

Chairs opening remarks

11:00am- 11:30am

Keynote Presentation: Taking flight with employee education

Understanding the business advantages of educational pathways and allowances to upskill employees. Strategies on learning formats that deliver business-specific needs, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Best practices for successful programs and how to track impact against talent management objectives.

Daniel McCoy
Chief Learning Officer - Allegiant Airlines

11:30pm- 12:00pm

Keynote Presentation: What it takes to become a real CLO

Best strategies to be ahead of the wave with future trends and become an early-adopter. How to drive employees to accept and embrace new learning methods and technologies. How to break down existing silos to foster an atmosphere of enterprise-wide cooperation and collaboration through learning.

Albert Siu
VP & General Manager - Parexel

12:00pm- 12:30pm

Keynote Presentation: Change management in a rapidly advancing technology environment

How to identify the early adopters to embrace change and become energized by the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop new skills. Fostering collaboration and competition including online training modules, social media components and real-world activities to demonstrate behaviour change in a positive light. How to create an environment where employees can learn from each… Read more.

Tony Gagliardo
Head of Technical Learning & Development - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

12:30pm- 1:00pm

Panel Discussion: Shifting mind shift from creation of formal learning to curation for continuous learning

How to create personalization of employee learning experiences. Exploring how to harness the power of innovative systems that offer a variety of learning experiences to engage and retain employees. Crowd sourcing employee knowledge, How to collect wisdom in one streamline knowledge distribution. How to find the best content from internal and external sources. Delivery, How… Read more.

Nathan Knight
Director, Learning & Development - Sony Music Entertainment
Arianna Savage
VP, Director of Learning & Development - Christie's

Discussion Group: 1

2:00pm- 2:45pm

Discussion Group 1A: Increasing company investment on L&D within the workforce

•What are CLO looking to invest for 2017 and relevance and efficiency of these products offer the most visible results. •Looking at what are the best budget priorities for learning strategy, content development and technology •Best strategies on buy- in from c-suite executives on investments on L&D for 2018

Discussion Group 1B: Creating employee-centric talent management strategies

Overview of the technologies, frameworks to deliver high appeal talent experiences Exploring how the Talent Ecosystem is going to be affected by new projects, platforms/software Tools and best practises to plan an integrated approach to engagement that can provide impactful feedback and support retention

Discussion Group 1C: Taking the drivers seat for organizational change

How to create a culture of inclusion, empathy and openness. How to create learning solutions at a high quality, low cost, to achieve measurable impacts. How to ensure corporate strategy, agility and drives innovation.

Caroline Abzug Ceisel
VP, Learning & Development - Reyes Holdings

Discussion Group: 2

2:45pm- 3:30pm

Discussion Group 2A: Key Strategies for compliance training

• Learn how the impact of compliance training can support or suffocate effective organizational decision making • Exploring how interactive scenarios can strengthen and engage organizational compliance • Best practises on learning and development programs to increase ethical behaviour

Discussion Group 2B: Implementing learning analytics to drive results

Looking at the impact and importance of learning analytics to L&D professionals How learning analytics can improve talent development processes and business objections What are the key steps to implement learning analytics?

Matthew Painter
Director of Leadership Development - Berkshire Health Systems

Discussion Group 2C: Diversity and Inclusion: Allowing companies to reach to their full potential

4:00pm- 4:30pm

Keynote Presentation: Building smart: Suffolk’s approach to leadership development

Discover what talent management systems and focus on the business imperative to prepare the next generation of leaders Reviewing established practices including talent reviews and The Leadership Pipeline model (Charan, Drotter & Noel, 2000) and their integration with Suffolk’s business, culture and growth goals. Looking at practices that will be connected to the organizational structures… Read more.


4:30pm- 5:00pm

Leading from the forefront on training tools at The Department of Justice

How to extend your learning strategy beyond training. Focusing on value creation; and the importance of communicating successes and partnering with management, earning their support, and how this can be done. Steering away from traditional training tools such as coaching, compensation alignment, performance management processes to get the best results.


5:00pm- 5:30pm

Keynote Presentation: Enhancing emotional connection and knowledge retention

How to create a learning culture using principles of sharing and healthy competition? Strategies to adopt the development of soft and technical skills through practice and demonstration, or use of technical solutions. How to drive a truly great experience every day for your internal customers and turn them into the best possible advocates.

5:30pm- 6:00pm

Panel Discussion: Measuring learning impact to gain performance edge

Tools to increase the focus of your L&D team on training impact Insight on which measurement methods are the most adapted for soft skill programs Which evaluation approaches are most suitable in a time of training digitalization and continuous learning?

Dr. Iris Ware
Chief Learning Officer - City of Detroit
Jamie Petter
Director, Learning Development & deployment - The Coca-Cola Company