Jeffrey Bohn

Jeffrey Bohn

Job Title: Chief Science Officer

Company: State Street Global Exchange

Jeffrey is Chief Science Officer at State Street Global Exchange. In this role, he drives new solutions in the areas of portfolio analytics and data science. He collaborates across State Street to identify new capabilities that can be incorporated into SSGX’s product strategy and work with clients to develop and deliver new products and services.

In addition to this Jeffrey also builds and manages relationships with the academic community, internal State Street data teams and product teams to identify new ways to commercialize State Street’s data assets, improve back-end data processing performance for SSGX products, and provide insights at the intersection of portfolio risk management and data science.

Speaking at the following:

1.45pm - 2.15pm
Keynote Presentation: Overcoming the Data Deluge – Ensuring Data Quantity Generates Quality Insight

‘More haystack, no more needles’ – what new data is useful, and what is a distraction? Bringing order to diverse, unstructured data sources What new insights can be obtained from novel data sources and the combination of them?

2.15pm - 2.45pm
Panel Discussion: Right Here, Right Now – Real Time Data Science

What tools and technologies are required in order to implement real-time decisioning? Examining the potential applications for real-time automated decision making – are they viable? Are additional data governance processes required to make real-time decisioning work?

5.15pm - 5.45pm
Panel Discussion: Assessing the Impact of New Data Sources on Data Science

What opportunities do new data sources such as IoT, web, social, mobile, and ecommerce present? How can Chief Data Scientists ensure their organization is successfully exploiting the increase in the variety of data? What new sources of data can we expect in the coming years?

12.00pm - 12.45pm
Discussion Group 4A: Realizing Organizational Change – Creating a Truly Data-Centric Culture

‘But we’ve always done it this way…’ – creating a compelling case for change and overcoming resistance How can Chief Data Scientists convince colleagues to follow the science, not their business instincts? What approaches are most successful in enabling and implementing change?