Chul Lee

Chul Lee

Job Title: Head of Data Engineering & Science - Connected Fitness

Company: Under Armour

As head of the data team (data engineering, data science and data infrastructure) at Under Armour Connected Fitness, leading development of data products for MyFitnessPal, MayMyFitness, EndoMondo and UA record and overall data governance.

Leading various next generation AI and machine learning projects in the fields of health & fitness in conjunction with some key partners like IBM Watson and SAP.

Speaking at the following:

10.15am - 10.45am
Panel Discussion: Making Data Talk – Converting Complexity into Simplicity

What is the best approach to make data meaningful to those unfamiliar with it? Should a Chief Data Scientist look to educate others, or simply provide them with answers? Is there a risk that data science will fall from favour, due to lack of understanding?

12.00pm - 12.45pm
Discussion Group 4B: Building on the Right Foundations – Data Science, Architecture, and the IT Implications

Is involvement in data architecture becoming more important for Chief Data Scientists, and how can we best work with architects and engineers? When should you integrate new technologies into your company, and how should open source and proprietary software be balanced? What is the impact of the shift from highly curated data to ‘data in… Read more.