Tony Gosling

Tony Gosling

Job Title: Chief Data Officer, Defence Infrastructure

Company: UK Ministry of Defence

Tony Gosling is the Director of Data, Analytics & Insight in the Ministry of Defence, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).  The first 2* level Chief Data Officer in the MOD, responsible for building a new function within the DIO to exploit data strategically. The aim is to deliver a more efficient and effective estate and services that support the military as they live, work and train and getting best value from the DIO’s £3.5bn of annual spending. In his eighteen months so far in post, he and his team have dramatically improved the management and exploitation of data and information including reporting, business intelligence, analysis capabilities and the way that data and information is used in decision making. Before this role Tony spent 15 years as a consultant  and interim manager (most recently with PA Consulting) delivering project turnarounds and major outsourcing deals, and before that ran an IT services company.

Speaking at the following:

9.00am - 11.00am
Masterclass A: The Case for the Chief Data Officer – Implementing Data-Centric Change In Your Organisation

Data is an asset that requires aggressive and strategic management comparable to any other asset. In order to successfully compete in today evolving, information-driven marketplace demands data-focused initiatives that enable organizations to be creative, agile and innovative. Studies show that organisations with a CDO are 1.7 times more likely to have a big data and… Read more.

12.15am - 12:45pm
Keynote Presentation: Tackling the Data Ownership Challenge

Defining the concept of data ownership and how functional data ownership can exasperate silos. Citing the challenges in achieving true data ownership including: data discovery, visibility and company bureaucracy. Explaining why lack of data ownership can be an inhibitor to data quality sophistication.

12.45pm - 1.15pm
Panel Discussion: Data Democratisation & Empowering Colleagues To Leverage Data To Improve The Bottom-Line

Discussing the argument of centralisation versus decentralisation and the benefits of moving beyond a centralised data function and working towards the distributed use of data analytics across an organisation. Fostering grass roots creativity and innovation through data experimentation exercises and transformation by ingraining data into the very DNA of an organisation. Using data to encourage… Read more.