Norman Stürtz

Norman Stürtz

Job Title: Divisional Chief Data Officer, Switzerland

Company: Credit Suisse

Norman Stürtz started his career 1994 with JPMorgan in Frankfurt and London, where he gained experience in the short term securities, treasury and foreign exchange business in mid- and front-office roles.

Norman continued his career in consulting with BearingPoint and Capgemini and projects in London, Munich, Madrid and Vienna on topics in asset management, selection of software and service providers as well as optimizing operational cost structures. Since 2007 Norman Stürtz is with Credit Suisse, where he lead IT units as Head Of Application Development and was Chief Of Staff for IT in Switzerland. His current role is now as Chief Data Officer for Credit Suisse Schweiz AG.

Speaking at the following:

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 1D: Where Should the CDO and Subsequent Data Function Sit To Enact Business Transformation?

Who should the CDO report to? Perspectives from differing corporate models and effectiveness. Who should report to the CDO? Analysing the substance which creates a successful CDO function. Should the CDO be sourced internally or externally? Which situation warrants which response?