Caroline Carruthers

Caroline Carruthers

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: Network Rail

More information to follow.

Speaking at the following:

2.15pm - 3.00pm
Discussion Group 1B: Establishing Enterprise-Level Best Practices And Approaches To Business-Driven Data Governance

Assessing strategies to prioritise Data Governance and sustaining stakeholder engagement in the value of effective Data Governance. Debating data ownership – how to overcome data territorialism to ensure a consistent approach to Data Governance. Answering key questions, including: how do you build a Data Management office? How often should a Data Governance team meet and… Read more.

10.15am - 10.45am
Keynote Presentation: The Chief Data Officer as a Change Agent

We get it, but how do we get everyone else to understand the benefits of data to their operations and strategic goals. What stories can be told to get people involved and interested? Evaluating how CDO’s can champion and communicating the improved economics of building enterprise-wide data capability. Case studies from Network Rail on the… Read more.

12.45pm - 1.15pm
Panel Discussion: Data Democratisation & Empowering Colleagues To Leverage Data To Improve The Bottom-Line

Discussing the argument of centralisation versus decentralisation and the benefits of moving beyond a centralised data function and working towards the distributed use of data analytics across an organisation. Fostering grass roots creativity and innovation through data experimentation exercises and transformation by ingraining data into the very DNA of an organisation. Using data to encourage… Read more.