Day One


8.00am- 8.30am

Masterclass Registration, Coffee & Networking

8.30am- 10.30am

Masterclass A: From Cost Center to Profit Center – Unlocking Business Value through Data & Analytics

The goals of Chief Data & Analytics Officers within financial services are changing. Several years ago, the main driver for the role was regulatory compliance and so CDAOs were tasked with getting their data into shape, focusing establishing a strong governance framework and high quality, accurate data. Now, to justify their budgets, CDAOs must go… Read more.

8.30am- 10.30am

Masterclass B: Making Artificial Intelligence an Integral Part of Your Organization’s Decision Making Process

New and developing technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which financial services companies operate, perhaps none more so than Artificial Intelligence. Institutions which fail to successfully exploit AI, risk being at a competitive disadvantage and could be left behind. Therefore, it is of vital importance that CDAOs get to grips with AI… Read more.

9.30am- 10.30am

Main Conference Registration, Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

10.30am- 10.45am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

10.45am- 11.15am

Keynote Presentation: Power to the CDAO! Leading Your Financial Enterprise through it’s Data Journey

Data as a source of innovation – utilizing your information to out-compete your opponents Neutralizing resistance to change – drive your enterprise into the data era through strategic leadership Minimizing disruption, maximizing performance, and embedding the transition.

11.15am- 11.45am

Keynote Presentation: Life as a Financial Services CDAO – How Do We Compare to Other Sectors?

What challenges do CDAOs face in financial services that are unique to the industry? How can these be overcome? A high stakes industry – Have we adequately responded to the greater damage failure could cause in terms of reputational damage & regulatory compliance? Given the financial industry was an early adopter of the CDAO role,… Read more.

11.45am- 12.15pm

Keynote Presentation: Overcoming Regulatory Burdens to Maximise the Impact of your Data & Analytics

In such a heavily regulated industry, how can we ensure red tape is not a barrier to innovation? Achieving efficiency in the era of compliance How can you change the perception of your data & analytics office from being regulatory driven, to enterprise focused?

12.15pm- 12.45pm

Panel Discussion: Lessons from Leading CDAOs – Sharing Successes & Failures

Setting a strategy – how should CDAOs decide their long term goals, and plan the steps required to reach them? How do we ensure that our data & analytics strategy aligns with the priorities of the wider business over time, and what is the key to ensuring tight linkage between the two? What one tip… Read more.

12.45pm- 1.45pm

Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area

1.45pm- 2.30pm

Discussion Group 1A: When Is Your Data Governance Framework ‘Good Enough’?

Is it possible to achieve data governance perfection, and if not, how good should we be aiming for? Balancing the need to maintain order with exploiting the explosion of data sources available Has the need for comparatively high standards of data governance in the financial services industry stifled innovation?

1.45am- 2.30pm

Discussion Group 1B: Are We Still ‘Up in the Air’ Over Cloud Technologies?

Assessing the benefits of Cloud technologies – are they the right choice for you? What steps can be taken to mitigate the potential downsides to the cloud? Can the Cloud be considered sufficiently secure for use in a Financial Services environment?

1.45am- 2.30pm

Discussion Group 1C: Using Analytics to Wow Your Customers & Keep Them Coming Back

What do your clients want from their Financial Services provider? Utilizing analytics to assess demand Can the finance industry realistically meet the ever increasing expectations of consumers? Applying analytics to gain a 360 degree view of the customer

2.30pm- 3.15pm

Discussion Group 2A: Have Data Engineers Really Become ‘More Important Than Data Scientists’?

Tired of searching for Unicorns who can do it all? Explore how to more effectively structure your team across different roles to ensure future success Building on strong foundation – Managing your data to deliver value more quickly. Garbage in, garbage out – Using Data Engineers to insure that investment is getting the best possible… Read more.

2.30pm- 3.15pm

Discussion Group 2B: Automation, Automation, Automation! Utilizing Automation to Turbo-Charge your Enterprise

Which process can we successfully automate in order to free up resources, improve efficiency and reduce cost? Identifying key use cases of automation in the financial services industry – data entry, fraud detection, customer service, and more Cutting through the hype – What is realistically achievable?

2.30pm- 3.15pm

Discussion Group 2C: From Insights Into Products – Data-Driven Product Development

Using data to identify and inform the development of new financial products to increase the likelihood of success Optimizing pricing strategies through analytic insights Precise guided products – Targeting the right products at the right people

3.15pm- 3.45pm

Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

3.45pm- 4.15pm

Keynote Presentation: Up Close & Personalized – Tailoring Products & Services to the Individual

Unlocking the benefits of personalization for your enterprise – Improving acquisition, satisfaction, retention, and profitability Using data & analytics to predict what the customer wants, and give it to them Dealing delicately with public perception at a time when some customers demand personalization, whilst others are uncomfortable with it

4.15pm- 4.45pm

Keynote Presentation: Right Here, Right Now – Real Time Analytics

What tools and technologies are required in order to implement real-time analytics successfully? Exploring different use cases for real time analytics in financial services; customer service, personalization, fraud detection, credit scoring, AML checks, and more Are additional data governance processes required to make real-time decisioning work, and enable historical data to interact with real-time financial… Read more.

4.45pm- 5.15pm

Panel Discussion: Getting Ready to Go Digital – Supporting Your Institution’s Digital Transformation as the CDAO

How can your data & analytics program help to enable the digital transformation of your whole organization? Should digital transformation be a cross functional responsibility, and what is the CDAOs place in this? What are the risks of failing to ensure linkage between your data strategy and your digital strategy? How can this be avoided?

5.15pm- 5.30pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks

5.30pm- 6.30pm

Drinks Reception & Networking in the Exhibition Area


End of Day One