Richard Goldberg

Richard Goldberg

Job Title: Richard Goldberg, Managing Director and Chief Data Officer

Company: Bank of China, USA

Results oriented leader with solid strategic enterprise data governance/data management leadership skills. Regularly interacts with business and IT community at the executive, management and staff levels. Background includes development, implementation and management of enterprise data governance, data strategy and data quality program globally. Expertly directs resources, technology and expenses. Overall expertise in financial services, healthcare, consumer markets and information management industries.

Speaking at the following:

Discussion Group 1C: Securing Top Talent – Overcoming the Skills Shortage to Build an Outstanding Data Team

Exploring the most effective methods to identify the best talent for your team Understanding attraction – what is the key to making your data team appealing to potential hires? Approaches to map the different skill sets your team will need, and finding the balance of talent to deliver

12.45pm - 1.15pm
Panel Discussion: Engaging Everyone in Data Governance – Converting Data Users to Data Stewards

Changing perceptions – how can we make data governance a routine activity for all, rather than an inconvenient extra task? Communicating the importance of high quality data to non-technical users Overcoming inertia – techniques to place data governance at the heart of your organization