Digital Transformation within Financial Services – Report

Financial services have experienced rapid change brought on by mobile, social media and digital which has been a natural by-product of technological advancements. Innovation has been disruptive but also incredibly beneficial, forcing this traditional industry to reflect and re-evaluate its operational processes and relationship with the consumer. On this backdrop, Corinium Global Intelligence are delighted… Read more.

Tips On Generating Value From Data & Analytics in Financial Services

In recent years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some highly influential data and analytics leaders from the Financial Services sector. Throughout my research I have benefited from engaging these executives to understand their pain-points, concerns, challenges and optimisms about the future of data analytics within this highly regulated and pressurised industry. I… Read more.

The Growing Importance of Data Science in Financial Services

  In financial services, data science and a new breed of “data wunderkinds” (someone who has product management and commercial experience, technical expertise, design and customer experience skills) are growing in importance. To understand the reason behind this, we asked Yasaman Hadjibashi, Chief Data Officer at the Barclays Africa Group to shed some light.  … Read more.

The Issue of Data Ownership Explained: Could Chief Data Officers Have Got it All Wrong?

  . CDO Forum: In financial services, data is pervasive in everything a business does. How can CDOs establish their remit when every part of the business deals with data?   Marc Alvarez: It’s not really an optional exercise in today’s financial service industry. There is a very strong and to some extent increasing regulatory… Read more.

Data Doctor – Taking the Pulse of the Chief Data Officer in Financial Services

As part of my research, I have spoken with more than 50 Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and other senior data practitioners working in leading financial services organisations. This has given me a fascinating insight into the health of the data space within financial services. So, how are we doing; are we prepared for the marathon… Read more.