Main Day 1


Main conference days will features keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions in the morning and discussion groups in the afternoon.

The afternoon streams will look at data and analytics separately.

07:30- 08:45

Registration Opens

08:45- 09:00

Opening Remarks

In the lead up to the conference all attendees will be surveyed and the results of this survey will be shared with the audience. In addition Craig will share insights from surveys conducted on Corinium’s European events. This will give the audience insight into where South African companies are vs. European companies in terms of… Read more.


11:45- 12:15

Balancing the Need for Privacy vs. the Importance of Individual/Household Level Data Collection and Analysis in the African Context

Data collection in a mostly informal economy The need for understanding each household’s needs Managing the customer relationship when data is limited Designing a data driven decision making process when data is limited  


12:15- 12:30

Roundtable Discussion: Identifying the Biggest Hurdles to Data Analytics in South Africa

During this roundtable discussion attendees will work with their peers to identify the biggest issues South African businesses face when it comes to data analytics. The findings will be shared briefly across the whole audience.


12:30- 13:30

Lunch & Networking

Stream A: Analytics

13:30- 14:15

Analytics Discussion Group 1: Bridging the Gap Between Data & Analytics – Notes from Both Sides

14:15- 15:00

Analytics Discussion Group 2: Digital Analytics – Turning Social Media, Social Listening & Web Analytics into Actionable Insights

Analytics is not just about understand the data in your database but also about understanding what your customers are doing in other environments through their actions on social media and interactions with your website.

Danielle Timmins
Chief Data & Analytics Officer - Freerange Creative

15:00- 15:30

Afternoon Tea & Networking

15:30- 16:15

Analytics Discussion Group 3: Using Data Analytics, Modelling and Statistical Analysis to Unearth the Story Within to Inform Business Strategy and Decisions

Gregory Streatfield
National Head of Data & Analytics - Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

16:15- 17:00

Analytics Discussion Group 4: Building Trust in Big Data & Advanced Analytics – Getting the Business to Buy In to Your Vision

Discussing the importance of top to bottom analytical understanding – promoting understanding for non-quantitative managers, and why this matters to your business The importance of identifying and framing the analytical problem correctly, promoting cross disciplinary partnerships and encouraging quantitative people to work with not quantitative people to promote understanding Examining the importance of understanding different… Read more.

Stream B: Data

13:30- 14:15

Data Discussion Group 1: #datamustrise: Tips, Tools & Strategies for Creating & Keeping a Culture of Data-Centricity

Any successful data strategy is underpinned through the development of a data-centric organisational culture. Senior data professionals need to be the drivers of this culture to ensure that data shifts to a value-adding business asset.

14:15- 15:00

Data Discussion Group 2: It’s Not a Project, it’s a Way of Life! Sustaining Good Governance Beyond Initial Implementation

Developing a robust data governance framework is only as strong as its level of adoption and continued use. In this session the group will discuss how data governance becomes a respected and sustainable business imperative.

15:00- 15:30

Afternoon Tea & Networking

15:30- 16:15

Data Discussion Group 3: Balancing Data Control vs. Data Democratisation – How do you Empower the Business but Maintain Integrity?

There’s a movement towards putting data in the hands of the end-user to drive quick, accurate business decisions. But the challenge is maintaining data integrity through strong, and accepted, management and governance principles. This discussion group will delve into how a balance can be achieved that works for both the data office and the organisation… Read more.

16:15- 17:00

Data Discussion Group 4: Critical Success Factors in Measuring the Value of Data Strategy & the CDO/Data Office

Although the realisation that data is a valuable asset in an organisation, companies are still not entirely sure how to measure the value of their data strategy. This session will see the group sharing insights into how they attach KPIs to their data strategy and to their data leader – be it a CDO or… Read more.