Interview with Thuthukhile Rakharebe, Head of Data Management, RMB – Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2018

By Corinium | March 22, 2018

I’ve met Thuthu a number of times – at conferences and roundtables – and I’m always buoyed by her unreserved passion for data…and more specifically data governance. A true Data Hero within RMB and the industry as a whole. This brief interview with her will reveal just why she’s so passionate about data governance and… Read more.

Interview with Daniel Seymore, Investec’s business intelligence leader – Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2018

By ryanmatthews | March 22, 2018

We had the opportunity to spend five minutes with Daniel Seymore, the head of business intelligence at Investec. Daniel will co-chair a discussion group on translating data for the rest of the business on 12 June at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2018.   Thanks for your time Daniel. why don’t we kick off… Read more.

Tipping Point or Stalling Point for South African CDOs?

By Corinium | March 20, 2018

“Currently there are 15 CDOs, or variants thereof, in South Africa. 15 – if you think about it that’s actually a significant increase in the space of 2 and half years. Basically a new CDO has been added every 2 months. And, 3 of the original CDOs are no longer in the roles. If they… Read more.

Interview with Mike Vos, OpenServe’s Customer Experience Executive – Chief Data & Analytics Officer 2018

By ryanmatthews | March 19, 2018

Data & analytics permeates the business, with the customer providing the most valuable business insight. We caught up with Mike Vos who heads up OpenServe’s customer experience initiatives   Thanks for your time Mike. Let’s kick off by finding out a bit about your background and how you ended up in your current role. I… Read more.

Interview with Ashleigh Waterson on data-driven culture in South African eCommerce – Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2018

By ryanmatthews | March 19, 2018

We recently caught up with Ashleigh Waterson, who is the data lead at Netflorist. Since it’s inception, Netflorist has been a pioneer in the South African eCommerce space, with data management at the core of its growth and success.   Thanks for your time Ashleigh. Perhaps we can start with you telling us a bit… Read more.

The Hoarding Mentality & How to Break It

By Corinium | March 12, 2018

Recently we caught up with Caroline Carruthers, Group Director of Data Management, Lowell Group and Peter Jackson, Chief Data Officer, Southern Water regarding their newly-released book, “The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook”, and we asked them if they would be happy to share their favourite chapter ahead Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2018 where they will be… Read more.

The Secret Ingredients of a Successful CDO

By Corinium | March 12, 2018

Compared to most of the C-Suite colleagues the CDO is faced with a set of unique problems. There are similarities, the CDO is a subject specialist, and in that respect is similar to the Chief Finance Officer, Chief Investment Officer or Chief Risk Officer. The CDO also operates across the organisation so has similarities to… Read more.

So, Why Does Any Organisation Need a Chief Data Officer?

By Corinium | March 12, 2018

Being a Chief Data Officer in the current climate is a rather interesting place to be, it can feel a little like dancing on quicksand while you have to learn to juggle wriggling snakes. So in order to help people interested in this area, whether you are a new CDO, well established data hero or… Read more.

CDO – The First 100 Days

By Corinium | March 12, 2018

Gartner predicted that by 2019, 90% of large organisations will have hired a CDO – but only 50% of these will be a success. Much of what determines your success or failure going forward will take place in the first 100 days. Essentially it is about getting the basics right now and building firm foundations… Read more.

What We Know About the Data Analytics Market

By Corinium | February 21, 2018

As I write this DataCon Africa 2018 is 5 days away from kicking off in Cape Town and I wanted to do some basic data analytics of my own on the audience data we’ve collected. Click here to download the full PDF version with graphs What Question Am I Trying to Answer? I recently completed ​“A… Read more.