Main Day 1


7:30pm- 10:00pm

VIP Networking Dinner

Monday 24th April: On the Night before the conference, Corinium will host 10 analytics leaders for a dinner to further drive networking in the European analytics community. During the course of the evening attendees will discuss and debate 3 of the biggest challenges facing the development of analytics.

7:30- 8:30

Customer Analytics Breakfast Roundtable

Our research has shown that a company’s understanding of their customers, through analytics, is critical and growing in sophistication – but some challenges still exist. We’re going to be hosting 15 VIPs and senior decision makers  where they can share ideas in a casual environment. This roundtable will serve as a chance for our VIP’s… Read more.

09:00- 09:30

Keynote Presentation:  Accelerating Business Transformation Through Strong Analytical Leadership

Examining the ways in which data and analytics are enabling Business Transformation at leading organisations. How companies are creating an analytics & data driven business strategies. What are the key value drivers and challenges during a large scale analytics deployment?

Carlos Soares
VP Business Intelligence & Analytics - Liberty Global

09:30- 10:00

Keynote Presentation: Building the Foundations for Analytics

  Understand the starting position and the required journey ahead. Learning to walk when everyone wants to run – convincing the business why the “basics” do matter. It’s not only the top line – identifying the breadth of how analytical insights adds value to your business. Changing behaviours – forget the technology, driving value from… Read more.

Dr. Peter V.W. Hartmann; Ph.D.
Director of People Performance and Analytics - Getinge Group

10:00- 10:30

Enabling State-of-the-Art Analytics Innovation

Addressing the key challenges of implementing a data strategy Developing industry best practice initiatives to enable ease of analytics adoption

Francesco Marzoni
BI, Analytics & Insights Global Group Manager - P & G

11:00- 11:30

Panel Discussion: Solving Business Critical Challenges with Analytics

  Defining analytics value by how it impacts the bottom line or core KPIs in each business unit Understanding each function’s key challenges and collaborating with them to assess how analytics could best solve their problems or provide greater insight How a centralised analytics team can support and inspire business units on the value of… Read more.

Kristina Hännikäinen
Director, Insight & Analytics - Aller Media Oy
Sergio Romero Peñas
Director, Marketing & Performance Analytics  - Vistaprint
Delia Di Bona
Chief Analytics Officer - Mosaicoon

11:30- 12:00

Keynote Presentation: Making Data Talk – Converting Complexity into Simplicity 

Discussing strategies you can employ for promoting an analytically driven culture within your business. Examining the importance of tailoring the communication of your knowledge and insights for your audience. The art of storytelling – why this skill is so important for your team. What tools are available to help data and analytics proliferation throughout the… Read more.

Eloy Sasot
Group Chief Data Officer - Sodexo

12:00- 12:30

Keynote Presentation: Driving Value as the CAO – Maintaining the Momentum

Exploring the mechanics of aligning business and analytics strategies whilst prioritising projects and resources. Now you have the business backing and buy-in, what can you do to keep adding value? It’s not all about cost cutting. Looking beyond the boundaries of what belongs to whom and deciding what’s best for the business. Finding new areas… Read more.


12:30- 1:00

Keynote Case Study: The Road to a Self Serve Strategy

Technology, tools, analysts, mechanisms… these are not the hard part. The hard part is data fluency among business teams, training business teams to fully own metrics, hiring the right business team members, and having the right Culture and Trust. In this keynote case study Pablo will address real life examples of: Failed/Successful attempts to maximise self-serve… Read more.

Pablo Suarez
BI & Analytics Director, Digital D2C, - The Walt Disney Company

2:00- 2:45

Discussion Group 1A: Internal Relationships and Partnering for Success

Negotiating your way to success and battling internal politics – strategies to convince internal partners of committing to the analytics journey and ensuring an integrated approach between CDOs, CAOs and other business leaders. Discussing the importance of aligning your analytics strategy with key business objectives as well as improving internal efficiencies. Discussing the difficulties of… Read more.

Delia Di Bona
Chief Analytics Officer - Mosaicoon

2:00- 2:45

Discussion Group 1B: Data Sharing and Community Building

• Data sharing and cross-industry partnerships discussed – if everyone pooled their data would everyone be more profitable? What are the benefits and pitfalls of this approach? • What communities are out there already that enables data sharing, and innovation? • Establishing collaboration between academia and business – How best can we facilitate data science… Read more.

Mahendra Jape
Director and Data Governance Leader - GE Capital
Sergio Romero Peñas
Director, Marketing & Performance Analytics  - Vistaprint
Anine Stiansen
Chief Analytics Officer - IMG_Play

Day 1 Discussion Group A – Business Transformation and Organisational Structure

3:15- 3:45

Keynote Presentation: Building an Analytics Department – What’s the Magic Formula?

Examining which company dynamics impact the way in which you structure your team and why they matter? Team structure discussed – centralised, de-centralised or federated? How to structure a team for success – what is the key mix of attributes and characteristics you need for a killer Analytics team? Case study examples – leveraging assets… Read more.

Jessica Rusu
Director EU Analytics - eBay

3:45- 4:15

Keynote Presentation: A Successful Data Science Journey – Transitioning from Business Intelligence to Advanced Scientific Models

How to empower analytics teams to create impactful & reproducible work The common pitfalls most teams get trapped by today When to use simple measurement vs. machine learning Common abstractions & frameworks that empower analysts and data scientists, as well as current gaps

Peter Laflin
Head of Data Insight - Bloom Agency

4:15- 4:45

The Importance of Creating an Analytics Culture

Understanding the relationship between the analytics department and the rest of the organization Realising that analytics capabilities can be disparate and combining the skills of different departmental colleagues to bring analytics to the mainstream

Alan Gormley
Chief Analytics Officer - Mobacar

Day 1 Discussion Group B – Capitalising on the Analytic Advances for Financial Services

3:15- 3:45

Implementing Analytics into Banking Auditing Processes

Moving from traditional auditing process to a data and analytics model Utilising statistical modelling to identify risk and drive actual business plans Overcoming change management challenges: Process change and people perspective

Marcin Pycka
Director of Data Analytics - Bank Pekao

3:45- 4:15

The Role for Analytics in Identifying, Mitigating and Managing Financial Crime Risk

Why New Financial Crime threats require new thinking How analytics contributes towards having a holistic strategy for financial crime prevention Key Issues addressed by analytics in financial fraud prevention How various types of analytics techniques are used in preventing/managing financial crime Examples of applications involving the use of analytics to prevent financial crime

Dr Mark Nasila
Head of Advanced Analytics - First National Bank

4:15- 4:45

The Use of Analytics for Credit Risk

Viewing credit risk management as an opportunity to improve performance and secure a competitive advantage Examining data visualization capabilities and business intelligence tools that get important information into the hands of those who need it, when they need it Implementing a group wide risk modelling framework

Joe DeCosmo
Chief Analytics Officer - Enova

CAO-X Main Conference Day 1

3:15- 3:45

Driving A Personalised Customer Experience Through Analytics

Mobacar have built the worlds first intelligent ground transportation distribution platform. By connecting to the Mobacar platform Airlines, Online Travel Companies and Travel Agents access the largest array of ground transportation options in real-time available anywhere with Car Rental from 650 suppliers across 30,000 locations spanning 165 countries across the globe. In this presentation, Alan… Read more.

Alan Gormley
Chief Analytics Officer - Mobacar

3:45- 4:15

CAO-X Business Meeting

Pre-scheduled 1-2-1 Business Meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers.

4:15- 4:45

Building A Successful Centralised Analytics Unit From Scratch

In just 5 years, Avito have gone from a relatively small company with a minimal analytics strategy to a 40 million daily use customer base. The fundamental reason for this exceptional growth is Avito’s decision to put analytics at the core of its business strategy. In this presentation Ivan will discuss the how Avito built… Read more.

Ivan Guz
Chief Analytics Officer - Avito

5:30- 7:30

Dinner Masterclass A: Bridging the Gap Between Business Intelligence and Operations

Tuesday 25 April, 2017 While the topic of business analytics has been around for several years, the majority of companies have not yet been able to take full advantage of analytics and see its benefits. This lack of adoption is indicative of the level of effort required to achieve the benefits and of the fact… Read more.

Muthu S.
Program Manager Data Science and Analytics - Tesla Motors