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Data Conference - CDO Europe Feb 2017

CDO Europe

London, 20-23 February 2017
65+ Chief Data & Analytics Officers  | 50+ Speakers | 200+ Attendees | From 16 Countries
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Chief Data and Analytics Officer Exchange


Miami, Florida, January 24 - 26, 2017
65 Chief Data & Analytics Officers
Invitation-Only Exclusive 1-to-1 Exchange Resort Retreat

Chief Data and Analytics Officer Sydney

CDAO Sydney

Swissotel Sydney, 6-8 March 2017
50+ Speakers | 250+ Attendees | 63% C-Level | 4 Masterclasses
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Contributor Connections

Connect Contributors

CxO Connections is inspired by the trend of emerging C-Suite roles and the desire our C-Suite community conveyed in a recent survey of 2000 conference attendees; to have a centralized platform that acted as a 'live' content network for C-Suite resources and a place to share best practices as their roles matured.

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It’s often said that an organization’s greatest asset is its people. As a result, many organizations understand the potential long-term and wide-ranging benefits in strategic training and development programs for their staff. At the forefront of this movement is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO). Whilst not strictly a new job title, the CLO has risen to prominence in recent years as organizations struggle to attract millennials and retain their brightest talents in the face of an ultra-competitive job market. Now, the modern day CLO is charged with a range of additional responsibilities, including performance management, learning innovation and building corporate cultures.

Following months of in-depth research with the market, Corinium is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our CLO channel/exchange filled with exclusive content, designed to provide in-depth insights and learning opportunities for CLOs on their respective strategic journeys. Featuring interviews with leading CLOs, blog posts and roundtable pieces, be sure to check back here for the latest thinking in workforce learning and development.

In addition, Corinium is proud to host its inaugural Chief Learning Officer Forum in New York City on March 7-8, 2017. Bringing together over 100 in-situ, de facto and aspiring CLOs and senior HR executives, the CLO Forum will provide unparalleled interaction and networking for this rapidly growing community of innovative thinkers.

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