Chief Data & Analytics Officer Canada – Manu Sud, Ontario Government

Over 100 CDOs, CAOs and Senior Data Professionals met for two days of learning, debate and networking at the Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Canada 2017.


CDOs and CAOs from organizations excelling within the space discussed the tactics they employ for demonstrating long term ROI and value for their business

Delegates reviewed the latest trends in the technological landscape and assessed the impact of IoT, Machine Learning and AI in driving innovation

Leading organizations shared their experiences of operationalizing analytics through architecture as well as internal structure and how they are they putting the data into the hands of the internal consumer and encouraging internal growth, engagement and innovation through this activity.

CDOs, CAOs and industry thought leaders talked about the challenges around Data Governance and how to over come them, including strategies that they could employ for promoting an analytically driven culture within their business, as well as the importance of building partnerships, internal education and communication at all levels, to facilitate evidence-based decision making at all levels of the organisational hierarchy.

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