Publishers Clearing House presentation at the Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2016

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Publishers Clearing House presentation at the Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2016

1. Driving Value as CAO Maintaining the Momentum Ash Dhupar Chief Analytics Officer Publisher Clearing House

2. AGENDA Quick introduction to PCH How is the CAO role set up to align business and analytics goals. How does the Analytics function keeps adding value? It’s not all about cost cutting. Finding new areas to add value – thinking outside the box!

3. Over $285 Million In Prizes Awarded To Date! A limited liability company generating $1 Billion Annual Revenue Privately owned by founding family and charitable trusts, and headquartered in Port Washington, New York FACTS ABOUT PCH

4. HIGH AWARENESS & REACH DRIVE SCALE in Sophisticated Digital Acquisitions Programs$40M TV Events Annually6 in TV Advertising $40M 5M+ winners across the US

5. AUDIENCE SCALE, ENGAGEMENT & DATA 4MILLION highly engaged fans 15+ MILLION monthly users 100MILLION data-rich first party customer profiles 3.5 MILLION 12-month buyers 2BILLION monthly page views


7. Millionaire-Making SuperPrizes • Exciting Cash Prizes • Daily “Instant Win” Opportunities • Tokens and retailer gift card prizes SURPRISE & DELIGHT: MORE WAYS TO WIN Over $285 Million in prizes awarded – including 730,000 winners in 2015 alone!

8. PCH MEDIA With on-platform advertising and off-platform audience targeting, PCH / MEDIA creates a winning equation:.


10. EMERGENCE OF A NEW ENTERPRISE Companies that have the new mathematical capabilities possess a huge advantage over those that don’t. They are not just digitized – they are math houses. Sooner or later algorithm based data will change every Market, company, product and relationship. Attackers Advantage 11

11. 12 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN ENTERPRISE THAT IS… A Math House… Is Data Driven… And with Momentum…

12. ANALYTICS INFLUENCE AT PCH CAO Function was established about 2 .5 years old at PCH. Function is part of the Executive team. Buy in from Board, CEO, and other Executive team. Function oversees 3 analytics divisions o Insights Group o BI Reporting Group o PredictiveAnalytics From an Analytical maturity prospective, on a scale of 1to5, I would say we are at 4. 13

13. Technology Infrastructure Team dedicated to support the business at the speed of change. In last 2 years we have been consolidating to a Robust Analytics Platform including a major investment in Hadoop. Analytics Predictive Analytics Group Team dedicated to build new algorithms (ML and others) integrating and automating marketing solutions, that contributes to margin, New algorithms which are contributing to a sizeable lift in sales (Recommendation Engines, OCM) Insights Group This Group , aligned with Business providing actionable Insights that contributes to Margin. Direct Mail & e-Commerce Digital Entertainment Call Center Credit & Collection Billing Creative Mail Apps E-Mail Mobile web BI Reporting Using intelligent KPI ( not Spreadsheets) Customer Data
14. 15 Marketing Product Finance Operations Insights Group BI Reporting Predictiv e Analytics ANALYTICS HUB, HOW IT INTERACTS WITH BUSINESS?
15. ALIGNMENT WITH THE BUSINESS Shared goals, integrated in process and outcomes with business owners o To gain better insights about our customers leading to better customer experience. o Aid exploration and discovery of new products, and mitigating risk. o Improving operating effectiveness and efficiency. o Measuring & Evaluating critical KPI Alignment is with the Business owners is done for Short term and Long term needs 16
17. THERE IS ONLY ONE LANGUAGE Question to ask… Is Analytics a cost center or a profit center? As a CAO you are constantly evangelizing and selling, with Insatiable appetite to change 18
19. NIMBLENESS THROUGH ANALYTICS Analytics teams are CONSTANTLY pushing the boundaries and challenging the status Quo. (Grids) We all resist change … unless we have an easy way to adopt it. We work closely with business and process owners to prototype new analytic solutions, show the real value and then turn it into a new production ready process. 20
20. TAKE AWAY Build the right foundation for the department Deliver Value, Focus on Profits othere is no other way to keep the momentum Infuse analytics based innovation in the organization (show and tell) 21
21. It’s all about winning. Thank you .

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