CDO Europe 2017 (gdpr) – Stephen Deadman, Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook

1. YOUR STORY GOES HERE Stephen Deadman Facebook Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Enhancing Privacy Through New Business Models to Unlock the Social and Economic Value of Personal Data
2. Success ?
3. Failure?
4. Toward sustainable growth Initial report: set context and questions for debate (Oct 2015) Available at: Interim report: themes emerging from European roundtables (Dec 2015) Available at: Final report: from all 21 roundtables (Jun 2016) Available at:
5. A New Paradigm for Personal Data: Five Shifts to Drive Trust and Growth
6. From compliance to sustainable customer relationships
7. From restrictive to enabling
8. Role of the individual
9. Creative Hub I N T R O D U C I N G
10. Startup Garage • A dedicated mentor at Facebook • One-on-one office hours • Weekly workshops • Facebook will not be taking equity in the startups • Facebook is not providing the startups with any special access to Facebook data An innovative programme An incubator with a difference • 80 desks • 15 startups • 6 months • Multi-million Euro commitment over 3 years Resources and facilities to support growth
11. From good intentions to good outcomes
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