Corinium roundtable discussion format

Corinium events are different. As the name of our events would suggest, by attending you will be in a room packed full of C-Suite Executives from the Data & Analytics space. Simply put, these Decision-makers are here to network.
That’s why our Corinium discussion format is the beating heart of our events. At the roundtable tour we connect only c-suite delegates in the industry in an undiluted conversation in a relaxed environment.

Our attendees consistently remark upon the success of these discussions saying:


"The great thing about the discussion was how easy it was to join in"

"We find them so much more inclusive than your normal conference"

"The informality leads to a wider range of topics being discussed"

"Participants are so much more energised and passionate"

"The discussion groups always breed creative and intelligent thinking"

How do the roundtables work?

This is an invite only series of 10 roundtables, attracting, 100 C-level forward thinking experts. Providing unparalleled networking opportunities in a truly collaborative environment, spending 3 hours over breakfast, or evening cocktails, in a solely c-level environment on issues pertinent to you.

Only here will you challenge your own thinking as well as that of others, whilst working together to focus on unique solutions for you and your business. Discussion topics that you have helped preselect, truly tailoring the content to you and your current objectives.

If you're interested in joining a roundtable contact [email protected]



What can I expect to discuss?

  • What is the impact of GDPR on data analysis and where do you, as the CDAO fit in?
  • How do you feel emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning and deep learning will impact your data driven decisions?
  • What has been the most successful way of proving your value and how to you couple this with driving value within your teams?
  • How important is the use of data and analytics to your company’s overall growth strategy?
  • How do you manage company wide change as part of your data strategy?