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European Cities, Feb - June 2017

The CDAO roundtable tour, is a tour exclusively for CDOs and CAOs. Our participants join to learn from their peers in the pursuit of data and analytic excellence, and the way in which we run these tours, we think, all adds up to a relaxed and confidential environment which is all about achieving your goals in a constructive, collaborative way.

We are anything but a run-of-the-mill networking group. As a participant of one of our roundtables you have access to an extraordinary group of inspiring data leaders. The way we host our roundtables let our participants share knowledge and experiences with each other, inspire and challenge, explore ideas and build strong relationships.

Feb 2017 - Barcelona, Frankfurt, London
Mar 2017 - Paris, Amsterdam
Apr 2017 - London
May 2017 - Berlin
Jun 2017 - Brussels

Previous roundtable attendees share their thoughts

" I’ve found the roundtables really useful as someone working in analytics as they have helped me understand that the problems my team is facing are similar to those of other teams in the industry. I’ve also got some great ideas on how to approach these problems and solve for success."
Tim Willis, Business Intelligence
Team Lead - Sub Saharan Africa,

" The CAO roundtable revealed how far analytics has matured and how important it is for companies to leverage their analytics capabilities to not only differentiate themselves, but to also understand the precise needs of the customer. The variety of attendees was great and being able to network with analytics leaders across various industries and from different countries awesome."
Annie Symington, HOD:
Analytics, Multichoice

7 European Cities 

70 Attendees

100% Decision Maker

21 Hours of Networking

70 Inspiring participants across 7 cities

Why invest your time?


Inspiring ideas

Bolster your knowledge and awareness whilst challenging any pre-developed assumptions by rubbing shoulders with 10 industry peers. share experiences in a collaborative, non competitive environment.



New connections

Build unique relationships with other C-level data experts in the same city, across different sectors. Experience exceptional networking to establish relationships that will outlast much more than the roundtable.



On your doorstep

Bringing this original platform to 10 different European cities will allow invited participants to not only share insight right on their doorstep, but also be able to continue to nurture these relationships well past the tour leaving town.


What people are saying

" I’ve found the roundtables really useful as someone working in analytics as they have helped me understand that the problems my team is facing are similar to those of other teams in the industry. I’ve also got some great ideas on how to approach these problems and solve for success."

Tim Willis, Business Intelligence Team Lead - Sub Saharan Africa, Uber

" The CAO roundtable revealed how far analytics has matured and how important it is for companies to leverage their analytics capabilities to not only differentiate themselves, but to also understand the precise needs of the customer. The variety of attendees was great and being able to network with analytics leaders across various industries and from different countries awesome."

Annie Symington, HOD: Analytics, Multichoice

Insights from Corinium Delegates

Hear from attendees of previous Corinium events about the challenges they face and the key insights they took away.





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