Day 1


The Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer role is rapidly becoming fundamental to modern day business. During conference day one our speaker faculty tackle how the CDAO role is transforming organisations as they are tasked with driving the data agenda in their enterprise, as well as being able to demonstrate real time value through the use of analytics and innovation.

08:30- 08:45

Chair’s Opening Remarks


08:45- 09:15

Opening Keynote Address

This opening keynote will give you an insight into the amazing achievements in medicine through the utilisation of big data analytics and how that can translate into your organisation, with a focus on: Organisational Structure Personalised and Predictive Vaccinology A look at the analytical tool already available and those still needed to achieve success The… Read more.

Duccio Medini
Senior Director, Head Data Science and Clinical Systems - GSK

09:15- 09:45

Keynote Presentation: Changing the Game With Data

Learning to walk when everyone wants to run – convincing the business why the “basics” do matter. It’s not only the top line – identifying the breadth of how data adds value in your business. Maximising the value from data – it’s not just about analytics. Changing behaviours – forget the technology, driving value from… Read more.


09:45- 10:15

Keynote Presentation: The CDO’s Journey

The first 100 days: how to survive, assessing the current state, set the expectations, deliver the vision and what to tell the Board (and how to tell them) The next 300 days: Developing the Data Strategy whilst keeping the business running, tackling the burning platforms and the importance of delivering value to the business and… Read more.


10:15- 10:45

Keynote Presentation: Data And Analytics – Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

Examining the notion that data and analytical strategies go hand-in-hand. Understanding how data strategies and analytical vision can be aligned into one coherent and successful approach. Discussing the overlap of Chief Data and Chief Analyticsl Officers – is there a case for more widely combining the role?

Anwar Mirza
Global Head of Data Governance - TNT

10:45- 11:15

Coffee & Networking

11:45- 12:15

Associate Partner Presentation: Artificial Intelligence Creates the Smarts, Data Creates the Trust. But Where do I Start?

In this world of digitization and connected services and products, AI smartly creates performance and productivity opportunities for business…and disrupts society. And to make AI successful, you need to feed it with the right data. Data has become one of the most important components in any AI application. It creates trust in the vital decisions… Read more.

Gwellyn Daandels
Senior Director: Analytics & Information Management - Cognizant Technology Solutions
Andrew Joss
Head of Solutions and Data Governance - EMEA-LA - Informatica

12:15- 12:45

Data, Analytics and Science to Drive the Smart Enterprise

  Ensuring a holistic view and driving business gains from data. Educating teams on how to exploit data to its fullest potential. Exploring the evolving role of the data leader. Case Study examples

Ahmed Khamassi
Executive Director of Data Science - J.P. Morgan

12:45- 1:15

Keynote Presentation: Adopting A Start-Up Mentality – Using Data To Gain Competitive Advantage

  Follow the journey that took in order to develop a strategy with data Explore the attitude and skill sets that are nurturing to ensure that can stay ahead of the competition and avoid extinction. Embrace a start up attitude to enable a top-down movement for innovation, enthusiasm and engagement across the organisation. Build… Read more.

Martin Ratolístka
Chief Data Officer -

Interactive Discussion Groups

Three 30-minute Discussion Groups running concurrently, hosted by 1-2 expert chairs. These informal discussions encourage everyone to participate and ask the questions they want the answers to. CDAO delegates may attend any session. Choose your room and contribute.

Day 1 Track A – The Data Den

2:15- 2:45

Implementing Effective and Actionable Governance Best Practices

  Data integrity: Getting to the roots of enterprise data quality problems and discussing strategies for data cleansing. Successful strategies to champion governance initiatives – how efficient are data stewards and councils? Communicating to all business functions – what are the most effective ways of communicating the importance of compliance to governance standards at grass… Read more.

Bert Van De Haar
Group Head Data Governance - ING
Alessandro Bulfone
Group Chief Data Officer - Mediobanca

2:45- 3:15

Internal Relationships and Partnering for Success

Negotiating your way to success and battling internal politics strategies to convince internal partners of committing to the data journey and ensuring an integrated approach between all business leaders. Discussing the importance of aligning your data strategy with key business objectives as well as improving internal efficiencies. Discussing the difficulties of trying to prove value… Read more.

3:15- 3:45

What are the Pain Points when Building a Data Science & Data Analytics Team?

  Data Scientist & Engineers, how can you offer them a challenging environment? Are you getting the right mix of Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics? Nurturing talent: how do you grow and build the right skill set across your team? Are we still chasing Unicorns?

Kristy Fenton
Director of Data Strategy and Governance - Adidas Group
Francisca Zanoguera
Senior Director Analytics - Expedia

Day 1 Track B – Analytics

2:15- 2:45

Practical Experiences on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

  Applying predictive analytics – why, when and how. The importance of visualisation throughout the analytics pipeline. Best practices in documenting and reporting analytical insights for key stakeholders.

Sanna Poyhonen
European Head of Analytics and Research - Nikon
Francisca Zanoguera
Senior Director Analytics - Expedia

2:45- 3:15

Operationalising Analytics to Drive Value

  Ways to speed up the time to value of data programs and projects. How to encourage a culture of test and learn with ‘fast-fail’ KPI to foster learning and enable innovation? Sharing experiences on the journey to date, challenges, wins and future direction.

Abid Samali
Chief Data Officer - Natixis Factor
Marcin Pietrzyk
Head of BI & Big Data Analytics - Swisscom

3:15- 3:45

Rolling out an Analytics Framework across the Organisation

  Aligning your analytics strategy with key business objectives as well as improving internal efficiencies. Engagement strategies and techniques. How to get the best analysis and interpretation of relevant data? Advocating, championing and selling the benefits and value.

Day 1 Track C – Innovation Hub

2:15- 2:45

Smart Strategies: Staying at the Forefront of Data and Technology Innovation

  How to drive innovation across the enterprise? Are we on the cusp of an AI revolution and what does it mean for business? Striking the right balance between mind and machine in making fast and sophisticated decisions. Where does robotics enter the conversations? Where to focus your attention right now, tomorrow and for the… Read more.

Umashankar Shivanand
Director of Product Management & New Business Development - Philips Global
Jithesh Rajendran
Senior Manager - Digital - Philips

2:45- 3:15

Artificial Intelligence: An Insight into Current Challenges and Innovations

  What is Big AI Application: its importance and relevance for your business? How to build successful Big AI application? Challenges and Innovations: Team, Tools, Process and Planning Next Step: Sustainable value gain

Amer Mohammed
Head of Digital Innovations - Stena Line

3:15- 3:45

From Data Analysis to Data Analytics to Deep Learning and AI – Faster, Better Results, Unique Insight

  Overview of Data Analysis, Analytics, Deep Learning and AI concepts. Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools and platforms for beginners, developers, and production. Dive deep into your data – interrogate and visualise faster. Introducing Predictive Analytics Solution – Understand your data, discover patterns, predict outcomes, and prescribe actions. How to make the most of… Read more.

Francesco Gadaleta
Chief Data Officer -

3:45- 4:15

Coffee & Networking

4:15- 4:45

Telling a Good Story – Dissecting the Art of Analytics and Effective Communication

  Uncovering the truth and promoting understanding – How to leverage the storytelling capabilities of your analytics to present new knowledge in an easily understandable and digestible form. How to tailor the communication of your knowledge and insights for your audience, translating technical complexity into business language to manage C-level relations. Evangelising successes and big… Read more.

Johnny Morris
Analytics Director - Countrywide

4:45- 5:15

Incorporating A Successful Data Quality Ethos Into Your Data Governance Strategy

    Understanding how to identify and address the most common causes of enterprise data quality problems. Exploring best practices in regards to aligning a data quality ethos to support the wider data governance strategy. Discussing what constitutes ‘high quality data’, how can it be quantified and how crucial is it to the wider data… Read more.

6:00pm- 8:30pm

Dinner Masterclass B: Structuring Teams for Success and Business Integration

Creating an effective analytics organisation and culture requires talented analysts and data scientists but there is so much more that is needed for success.  This session will focus on how to develop your analytics department, and the core competencies that are needed to create a high impact analytics organisation. Key topics covered: Where should analytics… Read more.

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