AmFam Presentation at the Chief Data Officer Forum – Examining the role of the Chief Data Officer

AmFam Presentation at the CDO Forum – Examining the role of the Chief Data Officer

  1. 1. CDOs & Enterprise Data Management & Governance
  2. 2. 2 August 2012 Definitions Strategy Strategy BA/ETL BA/ETL BA/ETL BA/ETL Data Dictionary Data Dictionary Data Dictionary MDMBA/ETL Critical Needs: 1. Improve analytic capabilities within the business to drive information innovation 2. Develop standards for managing data throughout its lifecycle 3. Drive technology investments to efficiently manage data and monitor its quality 4. Invest in dedicated resources to effectively manage data
  3. 3. 3 August 2013 Based on DAMA-DMBOK Framework, © 2008 DAMA International
  4. 4. 4 CDOs &  Organizational Change 1. New Group: Enterprise Data Management 2. Situated in the Business rather than I/S structure to build business focus 3. Focused on management of data as a corporate asset/risk
  5. 5. 5 EDM Structure August 2013 Experienced professional hired to centralize data management practices Data Governance & Quality Manager Data Program Manager Enterprise Data Strategy Manager Based on DAMA-DMBOK Framework, © 2008 DAMA International Business Data Analysis Metadata & Reference Data Data PMOData Strategy Reporting & Analytics COE Data Governance Data Quality EDM Goals • Focus on disciplines requiring strong business influence and oversight • Build out the capabilities that had the greatest impact on the Data Assets program • Focus on disciplines that deliver best value to business and IS partners
  6. 6. 6 Data Governance and Data Quality 2014 Accomplishments Data Governance • Policies – Ownership & Roles, Data Quality, Security, Information Lifecycle Management • Data Domain & Sub Domain structure created • Regular meetings – Data Stewards, Managing Data Stewards, Executive Data Council Data Quality • CDOs & Data Quality Tool and Framework • Tool process and standards • Data Quality scorecards • Critical Data Element (CDE) standards/guidelines Project Support Enterprise Data Management Metadata & Reference Data Business Data Analysis Data Analytics & Reporting COE Data Governance & Quality Data Program Management Enterprise Data Strategy • Established DG/DQ policies and reporting metrics for the quarterly dashboard. • Implemented Data Quality tools and processes to establish comprehensive data quality assessment and correction on an ongoing basis. • Reduced program risk through increased business data ownership and engagement in support of data initiatives • Increased business confidence in the veracity and reliability of critical data elements (CDEs) Benefits2014 Highlights Data Governance – Establish a framework of policies, standards, processes and compliance monitoring to ensure high quality, available data. Data Quality – Ensure the suitability of data for its intended business use and reduce data remediation costs by identifying data quality issues.
  7. 7. 7 CDOs & Metadata & Reference Data 2014 Accomplishments MetaCenter Implementation Common Business Vocabulary Reference Data Management Strategy Sensitive Data Inventory Other: • Project Support • Business Data Model Enterprise Data Management Metadata & Reference Data Business Data Analysis Data Analytics & Reporting COE Data Governance & Quality Data Program Management Enterprise Data Strategy • Implemented metadata repository and supporting processes required to capture relevant business and technical metadata. • Provided business access to critical metadata such as data models, data definitions, data flows, data quality profiling results • Transparency and access to critical data requirements and content to enhance business trust through understandable, auditable, and traceable content. • Standardized business definitions adopted for critical data elements • Greater collaboration and shared understanding of business term definitions across AmFam • Savings in development estimates. Benefits2014 Summary Metadata – Capture and manage business and technical metadata across data sources to enhance business trust in data. Reference Data – Enable consistent usage/application of reference data to support data quality.
  8. 8. 8 User count Training & Education Training Labs: 10 User Trained: 115 Demos: 71 Demos Participants: 327 + Metadata Sources coming soon: • BI Tool • Financial BI Tool • Additional RDBMs connector ETL Mappings Common Business Vocabulary DG Approved: 781 Ongoing Review: 1046 Cataloged Enterprise Reports Total # of Bi-Weekly logins Cataloged External Glossaries No. of Schemas Data Models: 0 500 1000 1500 09/15 – 09/28 09/29 – 10/12 10/13 – 10/26 10/27 – 11/09 11/10 – 11/23 11/24 – 12/7 12/8 – 12/21 12/22 – 01/04 01/05 – 01/18 01/19 – 02/01 02/02 – 02/15 02/16 – 03/01 03/02 – 03/15 03/16 – 03/29 Enterprise Data Management Metadata & Reference Data Business Data Analysis Data Analytics & Reporting COE Data Governance & Quality Data Program Management Enterprise Data Strategy Metadata Metrics as of 3/29/15

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