3 powerful Customer Engagement solutions you may not know existed

The “CX era” has spawned thousands of exciting technology offerings which help companies engage more meaningfully and effectively with their customers.  But in this ocean of options, it’s easy to overlook some lesser known, yet powerful solutions – three of which we profile here.


Personalised customer videos


Imagine you have a million customers, and your marketing dream is to send each of them a video personalised with the customer’s name, account balance, financial goals and tips to achieve them. And produce those one million unique videos by integrating a single baseline video with multiple systems housing customer data. This solution is no longer a dream, it’s a reality, and the integration can be performed not only historically but in real-time – producing dynamic videos.

Through A/B testing, it’s been proven time and again that delivering the same information via video results in much stronger customer engagement than via static email. Videos have the advantage of being more interactive, more friendly and personal and, let’s face it, less boring than text! The results speak for themselves – from higher click rates, view time and lead conversions, to increased revenue and deflection of customer service calls.

Personalised videos take just one to three months to implement and pricing is in the low cents per unique video.


Through A/B testing, it’s been proven time and again that delivering the same information via video results in much stronger customer engagement than via static email.


Interaction analytics – as a service


Billions of conversations occur between companies and their customers daily, through call centres, social media, email, SMS, web forms and chat. As to what goes on in those interactions, most companies are largely ignorant. For decades, call centre managers simply monitored 1-2% of calls, mainly for quality and compliance purposes, and the other 99% were archived – relegating volumes of valuable customer insights to a dusty shelf.  What has changed the game is analytics software, and the vendors who pair this software with linguistic and psychology smarts to offer “analytics as a service”.  Simply by mass-analysing call recordings or text-based customer interactions, vendors can distil data into actionable customer insights. As Brexit and the US election have proven, the power of analytics can be used to win – in business as well as politics.


Virtual agents


Virtual agent (VA) software has taken the customer world by storm. One by one, large enterprises are adopting VAs on their website, often with a funky persona like Mo or Ollie. VAs essentially replace contact centre staff in answering customer inquiries, using natural language processing. While there is an important human element in VA implementations, primarily the curation of content and linguistic glossaries, VAs “self-learn”, which continuously lifts accuracy levels above 90-95%. In addition to websites, VAs sit on mobile and messaging platforms, phone IVR menus, and Facebook, providing a single source of truth for omni-channel customer service.

With an ROI of months rather than years, VAs make so much sense in making it easier and faster for customers to get answers to questions. In removing a significant percentage of contact centre operational costs, VAs free up companies to invest in deeper customer engagement and innovation initiatives.


By Sharon Melamed, Managing Director, Matchboard

Sharon Melamed is a digital entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in contact centres and customer experience.  In 2012, she launched Matchboard, a free website where companies can enter their needs and find “right-fit” vendors of solutions to match. In 2014, she launched FindaConsultant, an online portal of business consultants.  In 2013, Sharon was awarded LinkedIn’s PowerProfile status for having one of the 50 most visited profiles in Australia. She holds a double honours degree from the University of Sydney, and speaks five languages.

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